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Setup Charges

Setup Charges are charges that are incurred for us to design your name badge, plaque, award or other items. Setup involves taking artwork that you provide, along with the text for your item, and producing a layout that the final product can be created from.

In most cases, we do not charge setup fees. However, if you are ordering a particular product for the first time that requires a setup charge, the charge will be allocated across the number of pieces that you are ordering. For example, if you are ordering ten items that have a per unit price of $5.00, and a setup charge of $50.00, the unit price per piece that will show in our shopping cart is $10.00 ($50.00 / 10 = $5.00 + $5.00 = $10.00). Setup Charges are usually only ONE TIME fees. Once your product has been configured, we generally do not require any type of setup fee.

Some important things to remember about setup charges:

  • Base setup charges on our product pages are based upon the assumption that you provide artwork according to our artwork guidelines.

  • Once your item has been "setup", we only maintain artwork and layout files for twenty-four (24) months after the date of your last order. If twenty-four (24) months elapses between orders, you will need to go through the setup process again.

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